Friday Cocktail – Watermelon & Lime Shandy

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 21, 2016
Okay. I’m sorry. The truth is…yes, another Shandy. I wish I could promise you it would be the last :(, sigh…I’m thinking of a tangelo version because tangelos are in season but first, watermelon. Don’t you just love the colour? This has to be one of my favourite shandies. Why? The surprise – watermelon has […]

Friday Cocktails: Zobo Sangria

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 30, 2016
I’m sooooooooo looking forward to the weekend and Zobo seems ready to ‘party’ with me, regardless of where and how. Its flavours ,’floral and berries’ are perfect for alcoholic mixers – whether that be with wine or spirits. This recipe is the best of both worlds – wine and spirits and fruit :). When combined to make Zobo, it […]

Friday Cocktails – Shandies, All Sorts

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 23, 2016
I’m crazy about Shandies and lately, have explored a variety of (tropical) fruit versions from Mango to Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint and Soursop. Did I also mention Agbalumo? I generally keep it simple: Some sweetened syrup or fruit puree Some citrus Lemon-lime soda Lager Some days, I want more sweet than not so I up the soda ante, […]

Friday Cocktails – Agbalumo Mimosas

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 11, 2016
I love mimosas – that sweet combination of often fragrant acid and a bit of bubbly. I love the way we peel oranges in Nigeria – with a knife, making a circular journey round the orange, from head to toe as you cut into skin, separating it from pith in the hope of getting one […]

Agbalumo Bitters in Progress

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 19, 2016
So, a follow up to Bitters & Life, I’ve put my Agbalumo skins to what I hope will be good news – bitters, similar to Angostura and Orijin. A combination of Agbalumo skins because plenty… Rum, because…no vodka at home; Spice, because ‘je ne sais quoi’; Some citrus;  And time. In a few hours, the colour […]

Friday Cocktails – Gin & Tonic with Zobo Pepper Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 12, 2016
It all began when M, a friend and mixologist said he’d added some Zobo pepper sauce to his G & T. How the fresh, spice notes in the sauce worked really well with gin. It would never have occurred to me. I wouldn’t have thought of it like using ‘jams and marmalades‘ in drinks. Which […]

Friday Cocktails – Tangelo Mimosa

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 4, 2015
When life gives you Tangelos and Champagne, make mimosas. I’d never had a mimosa before I made this version. I’ve heard about that them as perfectly paired with Brunch but I’d never ever tried them.  I always thought they were similar to Buck’s Fizz and they are, save for the fact that the proportions of […]

Take 1 – Tangelo Scent leaf Mojito

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 18, 2015
Tangelos are halfway between oranges and grapefruits – juicy and tart and this minute, they are in season in Nigeria. I love them and I’m desperate to approximate their flavours in a delightful cocktail. My first attempt involved passion fruit, tangelo juice and Tequila. It was nice but I didn’t get the distinct citrus flavour. This weekend, I […]

Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Cocktail

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 4, 2015
Because it was Sunday night and I had: Cucumbers Passion fruit Sugar cane Zobo-ginger vodka mix that had been ‘chilling’ Every thing went in the blender, with some sugar. A strain later and it was ready for lime juice over ice. The son insisted I served them with umbrellas. Why not? It certainly brought tropical sunshine and warmth on a […]