New Yam-Shakshuka Wrap

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 31, 2015
I’ve made Shakshuka before and what a glorious day it was – we had it for ‘brunch’ that day and there wasn’t a shred of anything left. On this Sunday morning past, with leftover yam, vegetable and tomato sauce, I repeated the feat to even greater appreciation. So much so that a second batch was made for lunch. […]

Meyer Lemon Russian Rose Loaf

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 8, 2013
Or Meyer Lemon Cinnamon roll, inside-out. Because that’s essentially what it is, a cinnamon roll that wears its fragrant sugar crystals on it sleeve, and chest. Not hidden, not tucked into a pinwheel to be seen in hints, but no, a roll that is bold. Courageous, one that sends cinnamon well before it, not just […]