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Garden Egg MoinMoin

by on October 19, 2016

Garden Eggs are in season.


One way to include them in your cooking is to add to sauces, stirfries…and even steamed puddings.

Recipes with garden eggs


I had leftover bean mixture from making Akara – I added some fresh turmeric and decided to use leftovers for Moinmoin.

About fresh Turmeric


To prepare, I boiled some eggs and cut my garden eggs in thick slices. I knew they would cook down soft but I still wanted to retain some of the texture and flavour.

I think it is also possible to blend cooked garden eggs and incorporate that into Monmoin batter.

I also wanted the flavour of Moinmoin leaves…but wanted to retain the shape of the garden egg slices. To do this, I cut shapes from the leaves, like you would baking/ parchment paper for tins and ‘lined’ my moulds.

How to make Moinmoin

To assemble, I put in a slide of garden egg, a spoonful of the batter, a slice of egg and then topped with more batter. To finish off, I covered with a leaf round and placed in a water bath to cook, on the stove top.


All it took was a half hour and the Moinmoin was firm to the touch. I took it off the heat, let it cool down and flipped out, to serve.


The garden eggs cook soft and lose some of their bitterness. It works as a chunky sauce that suits the savoury, mellow bean flavours of the Moinmoin. 

I’ll most definitely repeat this.

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Garden Egg MoinMoin

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Garden Egg MoinMoin

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