Nigerian Seasonal Produce: Ebelebo #13

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 29, 2018
‘Nigerian Seasonal Produce’ is a monthly column published towards the end of each month to celebrate Nigerian fruits & vegetables and personal stories.   In this column, a writer explores a specific seasonal fruit, vegetable or leafy green assigned by the editors of Kitchen Butterfly and based on the updated Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar.    For this […]

Version 1.3: Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 25, 2018
So, where are we? Yeah, version 1.3 of this calendar and I’m still as excited. This version sees a few changes: Extension of seasons: Mangoes Golden Melons Additions: Avocados, because some asked why not? I’ve always seen avocados – like oranges, lemons, limes – as all year round fruits but truth be told, there are […]

A Theory: Why Agbalumo is Sweeter After the Rains

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 23, 2018
Read on. For years, I’ve heard, read, experienced sweeter agbalumos after the first rains. My most recent memory is from 2015. We’re driving in the car one day and we stop to buy some. A, my adopted daughter says: ‘There are always a few rains before ‘Agbalumo’ proper comes into season’ And I responded, ‘Hmmm, I didn’t […]

Round-up: The Nigerian Seasonal Produce Column, 2017

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 15, 2018
Welcome to 2018 – Happy New Year! Over the years, I’ve whittled down my lofty, lengthy list of goals and new years resolutions to a few things. In 2017, I have to say I did what I wanted, when I wanted. Mostly. Self-care was present..mostly… and that’s saying a lot. One of the things I’m […]

Cocktail Monday: The ‘Nina Simone’

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 18, 2017
I’ve loved Nina Simone since 1994, thanks to a boyfriend who loved her. Her voice – rich, smooth; he words – full of hope, longing, loss and love. There was something about her that drew me 23 years ago and hasn’t left me since, even past the memories of that relationship and others. Her ‘Feeling […]

Nigerian Seasonal Produce: Soursop #12

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 9, 2017
‘Nigerian Seasonal Produce’ is a monthly column published on the last Saturday of each month to celebrate Nigerian fruits & vegetables, and personal stories.   In this column, a writer explores a specific seasonal fruit, vegetable or leafy green assigned by the editors of Kitchen Butterfly and based on the Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar. This month of ‘November in December’, […]

New Nigerian Kitchen: Reimagining Small Chops

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 8, 2017
Reimagining Nigerian Small Chops. And we can. Here’s why we should: We have the capacity and the breath to There are so many interesting combinations which ‘hero’ the main, kind of celebrating the old with new twists Need more reasons to? Travel has a way of expanding one’s mind – stretching it beyond the familiar. […]

Small Chops Popularity Contest: Puff Puff Wins!

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 30, 2017
Puff Puff. Bouncing up and down like I’m on a trampoline. You’ve spoken. And the winner is Puff Puff. For emphasis and for good reason. Puff puff has emerged as the most popular item in any pack of small chops. Proof that deep-fried dough balls are the ‘ish. Combine that with spice and/or smoke and […]

A Possible History of Nigerian Small Chops [In Their Present Form]

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 27, 2017
Or The Evolution of Nigerian Small Chops. And how Indian Samosas and Chinese Spring Rolls became Nigerian Small Chops Essentials. Foodways and food mapping are amongst the things I love about food – all the things that lie on and beyond the plate, somewhat unseen but present, shaping, defining the plate. These fascinate me. Like small […]

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