On Finding Wisdom: 10 Lessons from @Food52 Recipes

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 6, 2015 has changed my life – for the better. I’ve learnt so much…here are a few nuggets of wisdom gleaned – lots of repetition perhaps but consider it reinforcement… Here are 10 recipes which have given me courage and hope. 1. Chocolate-Dump-It-All-Cake Lesson: Nothing is impossible. This cake has awesome converting abilities. Proclaimed chocolate cake haters […]

Stove-top Smoked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 5, 2015
I love the fact that I can smoke fish anything at home, with tea, or coals or with an incense mix my sister brought back from Dubai for me yonks ago and long before my trip. It’s a fairly simple process with no special equipment required. All you need are: Smoking mix – homemade or store-bought […]