Q & A on Longthroat Memoirs: Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 2, 2016
This is about Yemisi Aribisala and her brilliant book – Longthroat Memoirs: Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading. I’ve also had the great pleasure of asking Yemisi some questions – which she graciously answers.  I first ‘met’ Yemisi in 2010, 2011 – online, in the words she penned in FOOD MATTERS on 234NEXT. […]

1934 – 2016: On My Cookshelf/ A Short History of Nigerian Cookbooks

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 28, 2016
There is a certain depth of documentation that comes with Independence, allows records be collected and preserved for posterity. This Independence week, I’m showing ‘liberty’ and freedom in food :).  I’ve always found cookbooks fascinating. I’m the sort of person whose bedtime reading is ingredient lists and recipe directions – a veritable feast as I […]

Nigerian Food in Literature: The New Yam Festival in ‘Things Fall Apart’

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 10, 2016
There are one hundred mentions of Yam – one hundred. 100. C (Roman Numerals) in Things Fall Apart (1958)  – the most widely read book in modern African literature. Written by renowned writer, the late Chinua Achebe, the novel is set in late 19th century Nigeria, pre colonisation. It follows the life of Okonkwo, a wrestling champion on a journey that […]

From Art to Life: Soursop Jam

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 8, 2016
This jam is the product of life-art-inspiration-art-life-living. I love soursops and have recently begun to experiment – creams, desserts, cocktails – no sphere is safe. I was thrilled when Chikodili Emelumadu, of Igbophilia (How to love Igbo things or what you will) shared that I would be ‘staring’ in a short story she’d written. Please […]

On my Cookshelf – The GroundnutCookbook

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 9, 2015
I first heard/ read of the ‘guys’ of The Groundnut cookbook on Twitter which led me to their website where I pored over the menus and intriguing combinations. I loved the communal feasts/ long table meals they served and still serve up because that’s my dream.  A few weeks later, out of the blue and a very pleasant surprise, […]

Free Download & Recommended Reading: Lost Crops of Africa Series

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 14, 2015
Below is an extract from a personal essay I wrote on ‘An Issue of Importance’, as part of an application to a Fellowship program. I didn’t get in but the process of writing this brought clarity and focus. I hope you enjoy reading it. In addition, I’ve included 3 links to books in the Lost Crops […]


On My Cookshelf: The Kudeti Book of Yoruba Cookery

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 18, 2015
Sometimes the very thing you’re looking for is right in front of you. Wetin you dey find for Sokoto, e dey inside sòkòtò. Sokoto is a state in the north of Nigeria, far from the West where this proverb originates sòkòtò – a pair of trousers Four years ago, I came across a reference to one […]

On Cookbook Browsing

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 31, 2015
Oh, cookbooks and cold weather. Blankets, apple pies and steaming mugs of spiced tea should be all the rage. It’s been cold in New York. Really cold. We’ve had rain and snow and chill. On days like this, there is no better place to hang out than a bookstore, especially a huge Barnes & Nobles. […]

On My Cookshelf: Traditional Foods, Processing For Profit

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 1, 2015
This is a book I love.  Love, love, love. I bought it on a whim at CSS Bookstore last year. I flicked through it, and loved it. It touches on so many things I dream and hope for Nigeria and Nigerian kitchens. Everything from using produce in season, to preservation and new food combinations. ‘Eating is […]