In Season/ Pepperfruit: Unripe & Ripe

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 1, 2017
It is the season of pepperfruit. It is. I find them on trays all around Warri – my  birth city, where I spend Easter.  I’m a fan only of the red ones – sweet tooth and all. But back in Lagos, I spot the green ones and buy some to compare. What I find is […]

2017: Happy New Year

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 4, 2017
Dear Family & Friends, I’d like to wish you the very best of 2017. Thank you for making 2016 the awesome year it was. I can’t even begin to list all the amazingness that was, the things I learnt and how much I look forward to the year ahead. I have a few goals this […]

Merry Christmas

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 25, 2016
From me & mine to you & yours.  I hope you have an amazing, safe, joyous season.  God bless you all. 

Postcards From Lagos

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 18, 2015
This Saturday, 19th December 2015 my first ever photo exhibition opens at Freedom Park, Lagos. I am beyond excited. This collection are my notes of a city that I’ve began to call home. This postcards…are my memories, my hopes, my inspiration for living la vida Lagos. Please come.

Sunday Lunch – Scent Leaf Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 24, 2015
One of the things I love the most about scent leaves is the fragrance and aroma when bruised – fresh, clean and citrusy.  I’m from Edo state where Egusi is king. I’ve heard that there’s a soup, black soup is its name but I’ve never had it babe. One weekday I came home from work. […]

In Season: Pepperfruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 7, 2015
Its been two weeks or three even since I spotted pepperfruit, ‘shaded’ in small piles of green and red, set on the corner of a busy street on the Marina. The Lagos Marina. I’m heading to a buka lunch with my besto, D who is visiting from Port Harcourt. I spot this ‘mama’, seated on […]

Fires Can Be Deadly

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 12, 2015
This is the view from our hotel. And no, we’re not having fun. We evacuated our house last night, for fear of smoke inhalation. At about 8.20pm, we were getting ready for bed and winding down generally. We’d all smelled smoke but couldn’t trace it till we went to one of the bedrooms and saw […]

How to Grow Meyer Lemons from Seed

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2013
I think of how I first came to Meyer Lemons and it was the memory of a recipe I read. A recipe with 6 ingredients (including a tart shell) and only 3 steps to make. It is called ‘Lazy Mary’s Lemon Tart’. It took me 15 months to get my hands on Meyers but I […]

2013: My New Year’s Resolutions

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2013
My phrase for the year 2013 is ‘Peace in Fulfillment’. I will: Go to church and take my children to church. Get ‘serious’ about food. Really serious. Continue to build on the great things we’ve accomplished as a family on eating balanced diets. Read. Write. Go to bed early. Be comfortable with spontaneity. Continue to trust myself. […]