Guest Post – Plantains Simply Can’t Go Extinct

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 30, 2018
Rafiat gives insight to what the state of the planet might be like if plantain goes extinct. Can’t, shouldn’t, won’t – lots to think about, hilariously too. Thank you, Rafiat – read and enjoy people. I can’t picture myself living in a world without plantain. It’s unimaginable and possibly cannot happen. Before I proceed, I’ll […]

Aplatanado, Aplatanada – On Acceptance, By Plantain

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 28, 2018
There are interesting concepts in places and languages that express cultural acceptance, that touch on home and identity.  Like aplatanado (male), aplatanada (female). In Cuba and The Dominican Republic, there’s a term that describes someone who has become ‘one of us’ – aplatanado or aplatanada. At the root of it is the word, platanos, of […]

Guest Post – Dodo, Far From Home

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 20, 2018
I know this feeling of being away from home and looking for plantain, and finding some from Colombia and other places and you sha buying and dreaming of Ogoni plantains – because they have the best ever! Thank you Francesca for sharing this funny, true in many ways piece. May you find plantain where ever […]

Guest Post: Dodo Musings

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 20, 2018
Dija is musing about life and dodo, and I dare say it’s comfort food for her. Especially being away from home. And that’s what comfort food does – makes you hanker, remember, desire and even celebrate it. Your precious dodo – and plantain chips – will be waiting on your return, babe x I’m not […]

Guest Post: Dodo – Love, Outside the Box

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 12, 2018
Mercy just loves dodo – any which way. I like to think of her as an equal opportunity dodo lover. Thank you Mercy, for your contribution. They say love doesn’t come in a box, I totally agree – it comes on a plate, full of yellowish-brown dodo. Every time I see a bunch of plantain […]

Guest Post: How to Eat the Perfect Dodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 11, 2018
Look, when somebody begins to divide people into camps based on plantain, you know it’s serious! Dozie does a beautiful job of guiding us through not only eating Dodo, but plantain as well. Thank you so much for sharing good plantain spots in Nigeria 🙂 . Enjoy the read, people. “There are two types of […]

Guest Post: If there’s Plantain, I Can Make it Home…’

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 10, 2018
I loved everything about Tolu’s piece – the concept and association of home.  And her poetry, her short exploration of home – a video in which a variety of people share what home means to them – is full of taste memories and is only 3: 39 minutes. Thank you, Tolu for your beautiful contribution, […]

Ayobami’s Plansagna: Dodo meets Lasagna

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2018
Ayobami says: ‘I have recently started experimenting with what we’re calling plansagna at this time: pan-fried dodo at the base, layered with shaved steak, grilled peppers, and mozzarella, then baked. It’s still a work in progress but it’s my most exciting dodo creation for now.  To make plansagna, you’ll need: Dodo Steak, sliced thinnly Grilled […]

Guest Post: The Importance of Dodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2018
Ayobami’s twitter bio says it all ‘…I’ll do it for Dodo’. His piece was the first one I received in the #Dodotales and I laughed my head off. The best part was reading about his creation – plansagna (recipe in the next post). A few highlights: ripe, salt. And those resonate deeply with me. Thank […]