Peanutty Akara

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 29, 2016
And yes, all thanks to Saratu who suggested it. It is delicious. The Akara end up texturally different from those without the peanut butter – they had more of a crunch, more of a crunchy crust. It was yum! With my batch of okwu-oji not yet slain, even after the pepper soup, I added dollops […]

Fourteen (14) ‘Other’ Great Ideas To Use Up Brandied Fruit Mix

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 26, 2016
It’s that time of year – we’re prepping for Christmas. Well, some started earlier – whatever *rolls eyes*. I finally got round to soaking my fruit in brandy and orange liqueur for the fruitcakes that must be. This is a world record for me. I’ve soaked fruit days before, some weeks before – truth be […]

The Emperor’s New Jollof (Or White Rice & Stew is King)

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 24, 2016
‘Being a Nigerian is very hard. The country is in a recession. Our government makes us tired. We are always angry. We are always in traffic (well, those of us for whom Lagos is Nigeria); Amanda‘ Oh my days – I had to ask Amanda, my friend to write about her total lack of reverence […]

Red Amaranth Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 21, 2016
It’s really my peanutty red amaranth saute blitzed. Read: Peanutty red amaranth saute No more, no less.  I saw a beetroot sauce on Masterchef Australia and essentially triggered this – this sauce that has the hue of beetroot and its earthiness but is a snap to prep. Sautee the Nigerian trinity – tomatoes, onions and chilies – […]

Yaji-Orange-Almond French Toast

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2016
One of the best French Toasts I ever had was made by Joel – Food lover, Photographer. He whipped up a delicious version with yaji and oranges that totally blew me away. Arguably, the best French Toast I’ve ever had! Thank you, Joel. He writes: My journey to the New Nigerian Kitchen began after Kitchen Butterfly, […]

Part 3: Food Pairing in Nigerian Cuisine and The Rest of The World

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 18, 2016
Food pairing – combining ingredients with others that are really similar (positive) or really different (negative).  Cuisines are defined by ingredients, shaped by influences – what grows around you, your climate, who has been in your space. Legacies of colonisation, of slave trade make it to the plate today – from Lagos to Bahia and […]

Part 2: The Balance of Tastes & Flavours in Nigerian Cuisine

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 15, 2016
Dishes are all about balance, all about a ‘perfect’ combination and complementing of the elements – flavours, tastes, colours and aromas should work together in delivering a dish – that awakes every sense. Sometimes balance is in the seasoning, other times, it is in the cooking of it and sometimes it’s in the service of it. […]

Part 1: The Tastes & Flavours of Nigerian Cuisine

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 14, 2016
Nigerian cuisine is aromatic and pungent, full of umami, smoky, spicy, bitter and sour flavours which produce complex tasting dishes. In many dishes, the depth of flavour is provided by smoked, fishy and fermented elements.  In many ways, the predominant flavours in our dishes – umami, smoky, spicy – are different from those in other cuisines.  To […]

Stirfried Periwinkles

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 9, 2016
It all began with a Facebook conversation about stirfried periwinkles…And it ended well – friends wondered if periwinkles could be stirfried and I thought, why not try. But first, blue foods. I’ve always been intrigued by the coplour of periwinkles – that vibrant almost-turquoise that isn’t common at the table. I remember once, a few […]