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Ramadan Recipes, with Acha

by on June 14, 2016

I’ve been cooking a lot of Acha – everyone in mia familia loves it, picky eaters included.

It is a great grain – available, inexpensive, gluten free, easy to cook and super nutritious. I mean, how good can it get?

Here are a few ways we’ve had it –  as porridge (least favourite but take 2 on the way), in pancakes (I rather like) and in a Pilaf. Next on the list? Popped Acha, like popcorn.

Acha is perfect for Iftar – it can be combined with an array of fruits, vegetables and meats to produce filling and nutritious dishes.


Here are a few ideas:

Make Porridge

Soak and then cook Acha with milk and a pinch of turmeric till soft, like oats. Cooking it with milk (rather than adding at the end) creates a really lush porridge. Top with dried fruits and nuts.

Make Pancakes

Add cooked acha or leftover porridge to pancake batter. I’ve experimented with various proportions and really like it.


Acha pancake, pawpaw chutney, scrambled eggs and cashew caramel

With these, you can go sweet – with a fruit salad and nut cream on the side

Or savoury with baby spinach or other greens, pawpaw chutney, pulled goat meat and peanut butter sauce!


Make Acha Pilaf

A combination of vegetables – this season add corn, ube and groundnuts – and acha make a delightful dish.

{Acha Pilaf recipe}


What’s your favourite way to eat Acha?

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