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Forty+ (40+) Recipes from The New Nigerian Kitchen

by on March 8, 2016

A fresh approach to Nigerian food. One that recognizes the change in ‘function of food’ – from sustenance for farming to eating for pleasure and in celebration – welcome to The New Nigerian Kitchen. 

As I shared in my ‘manifesto‘, The New Nigerian Kitchen is not an attempt at being outrageous. It does not disrespect the foundation and tennets upon which Nigeria cuisine was and founded. Instead, it is about a fresh approach to Nigerian cuisine that recognises the foundation and embraces the new possibilities. It’s about the novel use of technique and technology, about bringing to the fore aspects, ingredients, dishes previously played down. It’s about hope and possibility and re-imagining that the future can be greater than what was, will be greater than the past. 

Here are recipes as an introduction – tried, tested & beloved. There are a whole lot more but this is a guide. 


The family Puff-Puff: stuffed, skewered, salad’ed

Mangoes with chili salt

Toasted Egusi seeds

Agbalumo shortbread


Cream of scent leaf soup

Prawn head ‘chowderesque‘ pepper soup


Tapioca-Coconut Salad

Sauteed snail salad

Asala-Egg salad

Plantain Salad

Plantain Salad Imoyo


Bean-corn salad


New spins on Jollof

Akara Toast/ ‘Nigerian’ Toast

Yam Hash

Suya butter nut squash

Garri-crusted everything

Baked plantains with cheese


Plantain tortillas

Dip & Condiments

Agbalumo chutney with Ehuru & Ginger

Pawpaw-Tomato-Jalapeno chutney

Zobo pepper sauce


Scent leaf dip


Poached pawpaw in scent leaf

Kunnu dessert

Soursop frozen dessert

Agbalumo-mango Tarte Tatin

Agbalumo Jelly

Pumpkin Tangelo Icecream

Zobo-pineapple upside down



Zobo Chapman

Tangelo Mimosa

Soursop coconut cocktail