Down Memory Lane – A Visual Walk Through The Dubai Spices Souks

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 29, 2016
Dubai. Still in my head. The spice souks…oh, what joy to see beauty, colour and fragrance packed in bags and beautifully displayed in aisles and on stall shelves. Here is a photo ‘summary’ of the delights. Flowers – a variety Dried flowers, often used in tea are very common in the spice souks. The bright, […]

Agbalumo Posset

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 25, 2016
Lool, if you are tired of me and my Agbalumo experiments, imma have to ask you to step aside for a minute or two because there’s more. I’ve been wanting to make this posset since I first realised how acidic Agbalumo was. How it curdled milk. Yep, this has been in my plan for a year […]

Zobo-Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 23, 2016
This came together in a flash. A tweet about this cake, being out shopping with friends to cook for made this happen. The instant I saw the blueberry-pineapple upside down cake, I said to myself ‘this would be perfect with zobo’. For a few months now, I’ve been poaching blueberries in sweetened zobo so I know […]

Agbalumo Shortbread

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 22, 2016
Great shortbread, tart flavor from the dried agbalumo but not recognizable as Agbalumo. That is my review of the delicious cookies I made over the weekend. Using a quick and easy recipe from Jamie Oliver bar a few modifications – addition of water, use of dried Agbalumo, addition of cardamom and orange zest. I loved […]

Agbalumo Bitters in Progress

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 19, 2016
So, a follow up to Bitters & Life, I’ve put my Agbalumo skins to what I hope will be good news – bitters, similar to Angostura and Orijin. A combination of Agbalumo skins because plenty… Rum, because…no vodka at home; Spice, because ‘je ne sais quoi’; Some citrus;  And time. In a few hours, the colour […]

6 Things to do with Zobo Flowers

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 17, 2016
Zobo flowers, hibiscus sabdariffa have sooooooo many uses beyond making infusions (hot or cold). Here are a few things I do with mine, dried and once I’ve made my infusions. 1. Add to salads, cookie dough, crumbles, frozen desserts and other bakes This works best with the softened leaves obtained after the infusion. I basically tear […]


by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2016
There’s little more I enjoy than talking about food. And being #52. Y’all know I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee 52, like This Sunday past, I spoke with Andre Blaze Henshaw – the amazing MC from TEDxPortHarcourt. We talked about food, life, heart and more food in one of my favourite interviews. I find discussions soooooooooo useful in […]

Bitters & Life

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2016
It never ceases to amaze me the clear arguments for and against any particular issue.  This weekend past, I decided I wanted to make Bitters because I had a lot of Agbalumo skins which would have gone to waste. Because a few friends who were with me at the time suggested it – yep, I […]

Quick and Easy: Sauteed Carrots

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2016
This is the season for many things with carrots. Why not start with a quick and easy saute? Sautéed carrots and butternut squash with fresh thyme and tangelo juice. All it needs is 5, 6 medium-sized carrots washed, peeled then rinsed. Cut into cylinders. I call them cylinders because I’m not sure what else to call […]