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Pumpkin Goatmeat Curry

by on November 5, 2015


A but of sweet, a bit of autumn and you have a beautiful stew. I’m a fan of low and slow-cook meats and this stew combines the peculiar, somewhat gamy flavour of goat meat with the warmth of pumpkin and vegetable.

A riff on the Jamaican goat curry, you don’t really need a recipe. In my own opinion though.

I began by sauteeing some goat meat chunks in a touch of oil, along with chopped onions, carrots, bell peppers and chilies.

To season, I added some curry powder, dried thyme, turmeric powder and chili flakes


Once brown, I topped up with some water and stock, to cover the meat and checked for seasoning. This cooked low and slow for a good forty-five minutes till the meat was soft though not-fall-of the bone tender. That would come yet.


Next steps? Some chopped sweet potatoes,…


And a large helping of roasted pumpkin puree.


And some bell pepper chunks. Then I stirred it all together and tasted. I didn’t get the kick of gentle heat I wanted, so I followed through with some whole chili peppers. And then I left it to stew till the meat was fall of the bone tender.


The end result was a beautiful stew that we had with rice. Perfect for these cold weather days and nights. That one may be warmed right through. Sigh.

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