Chicken Course,….Because Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 30, 2015
Because Nigerians are obsessed with meat, in very specific fashion. Because small chunks of meat, except in designer stew with Ofada rice or in ‘Tseke Chinese – Banga soup with an assortment of meat – are not acceptable. Even to a hungry man. Woman. Who has little choice. Or should I say who should have […]

Pumpkin Jollof Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 29, 2015
Sometimes, greatness is thrust into your laps. Sometimes it is. Sometimes, some kind soul – @temisol in this case makes a suggestion, sets you on a course of deliciousness that leaves you breathless.  The suggestion of adding pumpkin puree to your mix, the fact that it lends sweet and smooth and a touch of peculiar…that, […]

Fried Plantains (Dodo) with Sage & Yaji

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 29, 2015
Every time he came for more Dodo – fried plantains, which was more than once…three times I think even, the son said ‘Can I have some sage, please?’ The Sage is one herb I have only ever paired with turkey and with brown butter pasta. I love the way it crisps up in fat and yet retains its […]

From The Groundnut Cookbook: Puna Yam Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 27, 2015
It’s the season of old yam, yam that’s sweeter, less watery, more tasty than new yam. It’s the season of celebration, of fond remembrance, of Thanksgiving. It is the season of rebirth, of hope, of possibility and this, right here – this cake is everything and more. It comes from the stunning The Groundnut cookbook, […]

What We Had For Our Nigerian-American Thanksgiving

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 27, 2015
Last night was lit. This morning, my eyes are somehow but I’m thankful I have a lot to be thankful for. For family and friends, for health, for God, for my children, for food. I had a few friends round last night – damn, so much love and laughter. Sooooooooooo much. The menu was pretty […]

Palm Oil Vinaigrette

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 26, 2015
Growing up, I had a cousin, J who would always toast bits of dried crayfish and dry pepper. He would add this to palm oil and serve it over boiled yam and plantain. I think about him and the sauce a lot. And then lately, I’ve been thinking about making a vinaigrette of it.    […]

Food Gradients: Green, Orange, Red Hot Chilies

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 24, 2015
Yep, I love food gradients. With chilies too.  In addition to the burst of colour from looking at a mix of chilies, I like the variation in flavours too. Chilies are edible across the spectrum of ‘ripeness’. What happens is the flavours vary – from green and fresh to red and rounded; slightly bitter to sweet. […]

Homemade Mulberry – Almond Gin

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 23, 2015
As simple as stewing fresh mulberries with almond brittle, sugar, Cointreau and gin. I liked Sarah Raven’s suggestions about adding almonds to the gin.  putting in a bottle… and topping with Gin The colour comes through immediately that pleases me much.  Right now, it’s setting in a cook dark place to ‘chill’ and infuse. I wonder if it’ll […]

Pumpkin Maple Ginger Sauce & Le Menu for Thanksgiving

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 23, 2015
Updated, excitedly… I can’t decide if to make plantain rolls or plantain flat breads. I think I might go with Turmeric & Plantain rolls. Or flatbreads. Urghhh, so confused 🙂 The pumpkin sauce for the Jollof and for the ‘sauce’/ gravy is ready. I’ve cooked down some pumpkin puree with grated ginger, green chilies, garlic, […]