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Take 1 – Tangelo Scent leaf Mojito

by on October 18, 2015

Tangelos are halfway between oranges and grapefruits – juicy and tart and this minute, they are in season in Nigeria.

I love them and I’m desperate to approximate their flavours in a delightful cocktail. My first attempt involved passion fruit, tangelo juice and Tequila. It was nice but I didn’t get the distinct citrus flavour.

This weekend, I wiped the slate and wrote Mojito.


Here I muddled & bruised scent leaves instead of the traditional mint, after all they both possess the ‘base’ flavours of clean & citrusy…

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Added some tangelo juice and ice,…


Some lime juice and sugar, and then rum later, we were done. I didn’t have any soda water to finish…but that will be corrected in Take 2 (for which experimentation is nearing completion).

_DSC0910The result was a nice blend of flavours – very ‘tangelo’, both in the bright orange colour and flavour.

I liked the lacing of lime which added some clean.

What I didn’t get coming through with the degree of force which I’d have liked was the scent leaves. It was a  faint flavour, a bit of fragrance. Overall, I enjoyed it and in any case, I think I might have happened upon the secret of success for a perfectly balanced, slightly herby Mojito. Coming soon.


But first, the end of this chapter.