Green-White-Green Recipes for Your October 1st Menu

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 30, 2015
Here are a few green-white-green recipes to set you on your merry October 1st menu way. Enjoy. Starters Deep Fried Green beans Scent Leaf Dip Ube’camole Scent leaf  Blinis with fish Salads & Sides   Sauteed Greens Grilled corn scent leaf coconut cream Garden Egg Salad and more Farofa Main  Scent Leaf curry Pounded Yam and […]

On Turning 55 & 55 Things To Celebrate About Nigerian Cuisine

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 29, 2015
In honour of our 55th year as an independent nation (for all intents and purposes) on the first of October, here are 55 things you should know about Nigerian cuisine, 55 things I’m celebrating. What is it like? How to describe it? An interesting melange that’s vibrant and  flavourful with rich stews, sauces, fresh fruits and vegetables […]

Part 1: Cleaning & Caring for Wood

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 24, 2015
I treasure my chopping boards, especially my Aga Concept ones – yes, I’m playing favourites here. A key thing to remember is how to care for them – from cleaning to storing, so yes, here is Part 1 of a 2-Part series. Here’s my regimen:   Daily/ each time I use: I wash my boards […]

Smoky Prawn Jollof

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 24, 2015
Because….EVERYDAY is Jollof Rice Day. Super established. This was an attempt – a great one too, I might add – at approximating the beauty of seafood flavours in our beloved J Rice. While I deliberated, lobsters and crabs came up briefly but then, I did not want to make a seafood paella and so I remained […]

Ofada – Ugba Palm Oil Jollof

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 23, 2015
The things you learn when finally, you decide on going down a certain path. About that rice That yes, you know Ofada rice is fermented as part of its processing, as part of what makes it highly sought after but you do not think it stinks to the high heavens. You did not know that it […]

7 Things You Need To Know About Ofada Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 22, 2015
1. The grains are striped with burgundy. 2. It is the blanket name for almost all locally produced rice. I think it needs ‘Protected Designation of Origin‘ status, so that only rice from Ofada, or processed the way it is, is called by that name. And yes, we might need a whole legal construct around […]

Ube African Purple Pear: Freestone & Clingstone

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 22, 2015
That lunch time, I strolled down Campos to buy what had become a lunchtime fave – boiled corn and Ube. Unfortunately, neither was ready so I bought some raw, uncooked Ube and brought it back to my office. Where I proceeded to ‘cook’ it by steeping in hot water. And then microwaving and then back […]

5 Fried Rice Recipes For Sunday Lunch

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 19, 2015
If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dreaming about the weekend since Wednesday – how long you’ll lay in bed on Saturday morning (lies and deceit for after rising before dawn on the five days before, your body knows who is king, and just in case you still don’t get it baby, that heavy thing upon […]

The Anatomy of a Purple Pear, Ube

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 18, 2015
Ube. African Butter Pear What is it? Wikipedia described it as ‘an ellipsoidal drupe which varies in length from 4 to 12 cm.’ Known by many names from Ube (Igbo) to Safou (French), elemi (Yoruba), eben (Efik) and orumu (Benin), it appears its botanical name, Dacryodes edulis comes from the Greek word ‘dakruon‘ (a tear) and ‘edulis’ meaning edible. I […]