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Coconut Masa with Suya & Waterleaf Blooms

by on June 26, 2015

Part of my fascination with food is the connectedness – the discovery of similar techniques, ingredients, recipes, processes across vastly different cultures and cuisines.

Like how poffertjes pans are like Masa ones but with smaller divots.

Like how South Indian Appam batter is the same as that for masa, just with coconut milk.


And so when I decided to ‘launch’ my Agahome platter, I went for a variation on the masa theme – coconut masa.

I made the masa as per normal, and just before frying, added some coconut milk before making my little rice puffs that remind me very much of puff-puff – in smell, and crumpets in texture.


{Appam Recipe}

{Masa Recipe} 


In some pots, I have waterleaf plants blossoming with pretty pink flowers and I really wanted to bring them to the plate, the platter. 


I love the colours of the sliced onions, raw set on the board with waterleaf blossoms, suya-tozo, coconut masa, roasted peanuts, lime cheeks and peanut butter sauce.


The combination of flavours and textures is wow. I loveeeeeee the chewy, softness of the masa, the crunch of the peanuts and the freshness of lime juice. The various peanutty elements – suya, sauce, nuts works beautifully. So beautifully.


It was so yum…

_DSC1447Try it.

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