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Aga Living – Home & Kitchen

by on June 26, 2015

There are so many things I love about the aga brand®, the makers of beautiful home and kitchen utensils. The focus on fully functional pieces, beautifully designed with quirk makes them one of my favourites. As a brand ambassador for aga, it is my pleasure to introduce to some of their products.

The aga brand® is all about design and lifestyle. We design and produce functional and minimalist objects made from locally sourced raw materials for everyday urban living.

The word ‘aga’ in Yoruba means a functional object. For example, a chair is ‘aga ijoko’ and a table, ‘aga tabili’. The concept of the aga brand is to connect culture and design for today’s fast paced urban and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

This is done by combining African pop-culture, functionality and contemporary design to create raw, beautiful, edgy, innovative and use friendly products.

A few weeks ago, I met up with Olubunmi Adeyemi, the mind and matter behind these pieces. A designer and interior architect in love with design, culture and urban lifestyle, Bunmi is the creator of afrominima™, ‘afrocentric minimalism’, a trademark style created from his love for spaces and objects and one which influences the aga range of products. He believes Africa is the future.

Earlier today @re.le, I met the mind & matter behind @aga.living.  I'm such a lover of design - pretty and functional,  and these 5 products from the aga range have me all excited. To use, to behold, to enjoy.  There are the wooden spoons and the platter,

Our trademark agaliving™ focuses on the home essentials for everyday living, product category includes kitchen, garden, furniture, storage and bathroom focused on defining the new era of the modern, independent, socially active and design-conscious individuals from professionals to entrepreneurs.

I received five (5) products – a planter, a couple of wooden spoons, a chopping board/ platter and a spice pod. Woo hoo…I’m all excited about having gorgeous pieces to use, to share and to learn about.

How would I describe the range? Earthy, urban and contemporary with splashes of color (accomplished with non-toxic paint). I love the rawness and the grain of the wood. The pieces are all locally made with the finest craftsmanship and use of honest & food-safe materials – raw. seasoned wood without chemical washes or glazes, 

We are inspired by popular culture from different part of Africa, from South Africa to West Africa, their music, food, fashion, language and everyday way of life. 

Here are my ‘gifts’:

Chopping Board or Platter

I’m a fan of chopping boards and platters of all sorts and this is no exception. I particularly like the almost-square shape. Doesn’t it look pretty?


Spoons & Spice Pod

As a collector of wooden spoons, I’m glad to add these to my collection.

The spoon with the tapered end, Omorogun also known as ‘turning stick’/ eba stick is used to stir stiff meals/ pastes till doughy. The sharp end ‘cleans’ edges with good grip.



This planter is pretty special. I love the combination of metal and wood, especially the agahome print on the legs.



The day I got it, I went straight to a plant ‘store’. I loooooooooooooove how it looks. Simple, contemporary – beautiful. Very me.


Don’t mind the dirt on the floor :), I had a small spill


Coming Soon

Lots of new products are planned and a retail store. I can’t wait.


The best way to see what’s coming up is to check out @afrominima and @aga.living on Instagram, where you can see the products on display and more.

For orders, email – agaliving@mail.com, with details of what you’d like and you’ll receive a quote.

So go ahead, check Bunmi and his awesome work out. Enjoy.

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