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Stuffed Puff-Puff: With Mango, Passionfruit & Lime Cream

by on April 28, 2015

I just had to. 

No one forced me. I wanted to.

This was so delicious.

My puff-puff game, so strong. I honestly think this was the best batch of puff-puff I’ve ever made. Not to light, not too heavy. Elasticity on point yielding soft, chewy puffs.


Stuffed with mango-passion fruit cream, that cream of heaven, from heaven.


On a bed, drizzled with zobo cordial (syrup) and dunked too when the time was ripe for eating. 

Top Tip: I dipped the end of a fork in the zobo syrup to form the ‘grid’


To me, the result was yum. I wish I could have executed a perfect stuffing but I was impatient and the puff-puff cooperated only so far. Still…


…it was great.

Stuffed. Then Dunked in the beautiful zobo cordial, playing syrup here. A mix of Floral and blossomy and perfect for all the other flavours.


I mean, this bite-section says everything. Like a donut but not…serious bonus points here.



Serve this at your next dinner party. Or that special lunch. Brunch? Sod it. Eat it allllll by yourself. Seated on your couch.

Best conflict avoidance advice I ever offered.

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