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Mango & Lime-topped Chocolate Cake

by on February 16, 2015

All I have of this cake are memories.

Memories of the awesomeness this cake was last Easter. 

We’d been in Lagos for a long weekend and had spent time at Eko Hotel. One morning at breakfast, my daughter showed me this. 

The inspiration for today's #mango- decorated cake is this.....sighted at Eko hotel.  Daughter #2 brought it to my attention and voila..... le idea was born.  Inspiration can come from a myriad of places...I love to be inspired. By people. By photos. By n

Gorgeous, right? We thought so too.

It wasn’t long before we were home and I was rustling up the self-same cake. Without breaking a sweat.

All you need?

One – beautiful hands to help

The makings of a cake: my regular chocolate cake topped with sliced mangoes glazed with a simple syrup of sugar and water and the tiniest bit of the bitter lime marmalade.  Hands by @sunshine_3500  #baking #copiedideasfromekohotel #learning

Two – Chocolate cake. Works perfectly with Amanda Hesser’s tried and trusted chocolate dump it all. I took it up a notch by crumbling Daim bits into it. Daim being the amazing crunchy butter almond bar covered in milk chocolate. Heaven.

Three – Mangoes, sliced thinly and dipped in a glaze made with lime marmalade and a touch of hot water. If you can’t find lime marmalade, use some apricot or orange jam

Four – a touch of finely zested lime…and you’re good to go

#Nofilter. The finished piece. All three children laid the Mango slices to sleep.  I finished with a Mango rose, garnished with shreds of lime zest.  It's going to my sister's Easter table.  #cakes #Tropicalfruits on cakes #mangoes

 This went with us to my sister’s Easter table…and was devoured in minutes. Talk about delicious fruits in season. 

Devoured. In minutes. Talk about hits.  #Chocolate #Daim #cake with glazed #Mango slices.  Cake recipe on the kitchenbutterfly.com blog https://www.kitchenbutterfly.com/2012/02/17/chocolate-dump-it-all-cake-a-la-hesser/  #feelinggood #cake.... as a unifyin[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Mango & Lime-topped Chocolate Cake – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]