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Nigerian Agbalumo Vinegar, In Progress

by on February 10, 2015

Over the holidays, I got so many vinegars to add to my growing collection. I now have bottles of Mango, Lime, Palm, Cane Sugar, Champagne, Sherry and others…so much so I’m beginning to think of setting up a rack.

The mango vinegar inspired me to try a version with Agbalumo.

My thinking is that some of the flavour would be extracted and I could use it in gastriques, vinaigrettes and marinades. We’ll see.

This recipe is easy peasy pie.

Essentially, you get some flesh ready.


Combine it with vinegar, and you’re good to go.


I say we’ll see because it’ll take 4 – 6 weeks for the brew to get close to readiness.

 Capture But I am patient, and I have ample cupboard space.


I’m quite excited and await the result, with bated breath.


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