The Anatomy of Scent Leaf

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 27, 2015
It never ceases to amaze me just how connected we are, from Lagos to Laos. Scent leaves, Perilla, Shiso, of the family Lamiaceae. These herbaceous, perennial shrubs are cousins in the mint family I thought I knew everything about this plant. Growing up, it featured prominently in pepper soup, added at the last minute to bring […]

Friday Cocktails: Agbalumo Wine with Scent Leaf Syrup

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 27, 2015
Its Friday…and the weekend’s here after all.  Raise your glass with a wine mixer :). Cheers. This started off so well. I took a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc off the rack. A fine bottle of Chilean wine. And I stuffed the seeds and skin of my dearest Agbalumo into the bottle.  Miraculously, the cork slid right […]

Four (4) ideas for Poached Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2015
Remember that easy to make poached chicken? Here are a few ways you should be using it. Thank me later 🙂 Just think Soup it! Sauce it!  Bake it!…or something along those lines. There are a million other ideas, but here are just four of them. Tip: To warm up a pack of cold/ frozen chicken, I […]

J’s Yogurt & Granola Parfait

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2015
She made it up, inspired by ‘Sweet Kiwi‘. We got home from ‘shopping’ on Saturday and J, Daughter #1 made up a glass, showing off our recently acquired glassware. It turns out (via Google) that these glasses are actually parfait glasses. Who knew 🙂 Anyway, it’s a simple 3 ‘ingredient’ dessert or breakfast and in-between. […]

Seafood Okro

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 25, 2015
‘Mehn, soup get level’…and this is up there with the best. A pot, choc-full of the freshest seafood – crabs, lobster and fish. I like to cook it in a shallow pan so the fish doesn’t ‘scatter’ :). I start off with making a quick stock – a combination of fried lobster shells in palm oil […]

Naija meets France: Agbalumo & Mango Tarte Tatin

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 24, 2015
On an eternal quest for Nigerian desserts and a love for all things French, this was birthed. I have always wanted to bake with Agbalumo, and I’ve succeeded – I’ve made pancake puffs and leather, and now this.  This isn’t the first Tarte Tatin, I’ve made – I’ve done a few with pears and ginger, both […]

Juicing, with Sugarcane

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 24, 2015
Genius, I thought as soon as my eyes fell upon the juicer. Still in its box after 6 months, the time was now. If you know me, you’ll know I’m crazy about sugarcane, even when it involves physical labour. So the idea of juicing it was sooooooooo welcome. Well, it took me a few minutes to get […]

Best-ever, Timi’s Fried Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 23, 2015
If you ever move house, ask me to loan my friend, Timi to you. She’s the business. And not only because she made the most amazing Nigerian fried rice for me when I first moved to Lagos…nope, not only because of that. First up, just for being there/ here. Going at my own pace and then […]

Unpacking a House to Home

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 23, 2015
The first few days are the hardest. The transplanted mind, body and soul aren’t exactly sure where to begin this new life, in this place, which you might grow to love in the end; but right now?… No love. I have this overwhelming sense of newness and it doesn’t matter who I’m with, I’m trapped […]