Saminaka – Built on Their Memories

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 30, 2014
The road to Saminaka is paved with memories None of which are mine Memories borrowed from friends. Of family holidays Friends like Femi, @kinffeosi, @asamsu, @micaleel and @alkayy Of Junction towns where women fry chicken Tales of cross-country journeys Of petticoat yam and crumbled yaji-spiced chicken skin Of Roadkill Of native chicken, cheap as chips […]

Fruit & Tea: Green Tea with Sugarcane Juice, Watermelon & Mint

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 23, 2014
Embrace the ittars, the exotic scents of the Levant In tendrils of steam from the hammams of Turkey Rosewater. Orange Blossom. Jasmine Fragrances captured and essences preserved by ancient methods that go back to the Renaissance Experience the abundance of fragrances Get carried away with the heady notes and exotic dances of the Levant Captured […]

How to Supreme an Orange

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 19, 2014
    I think of him every time I’m here. Every time. Every single time. There’s something about this place that brings back a flood of memories. That makes me want to cry into my soup.

The New Nigerian Kitchen: Egusi Devilled Eggs

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 16, 2014
These are a few of my favourite things: Wings and Inspirational recipes. Like the one I share today. Egusi Devilled Eggs. Wings, The print in-flight Magazine published quarterly by Arik Air Nigeria. One good thing they do for the country and Africa in general. I collect them. I have family collect them for me. And […]

Traditional Nigerian Edo Egusi Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2014
Egusi soup, in which I channel my inner ‘Edo‘ girl. My ‘Igarra‘ heritage. For this is the soup by which we are woken up on many a morning, ladled into yellow enamel bowls, motifed with green leaves and rimmed in red. Covers clanging, hiding the pungent, fried scents of Une. What we call locust beans. And what […]

Food School: Sugo – The Best Tomato Sauce Ever

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 10, 2014
Virtue can come in a can. In a tin. Yes, virtue comes in cans of tomato sauce. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This tomato sauce – proclaimed my best-ever tomato sauce is proof. ‘Eating’, living proof. I’ve made it with both fresh and canned tomatoes and the former cannot hold a […]

Ukodo – Nigerian Yam & Pepper Soup Pottage for New Year’s Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 3, 2014
A night-time conversation with D, my 6-year old has brought me here, to this point where I am writing an open letter to the world. To those who think Nigerian cuisine is no more than pepper. And I am not really on the offensive. Or defensive. I’m just in plain agreement as to how we […]

Welcome to 2014: Embracing Accomplishments/ My New Year’s Resolutions

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 1, 2014
My word for 2014: #Accomplished My phrase for the year 2013 was ‘Peace in Fulfillment’. Did I find it? To a large extent I did. Even with this post that almost wasn’t…thanks to unplanned downtime with my web host. I drove out earlier on in the evening. I needed time alone. To think. To clear my […]