Nigeria’s Rainy Season Produce: October

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 31, 2013
Seasons come and seasons go, and fruits remain the same. They appear, fruits with multiple harvest seasons.

Weekend Wonders: Bushels, Baskets & Flats of Tomatoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 27, 2013
When I first wrote about tomatoes, before the Marketplace/ Tomato post, I confess I’d never seen tomatoes sold anywhere else in the world in the same way. Till I woke up on a saturday morning and came across a photo – of baskets of tomatoes in an Italian Piazza while flicking through ‘Waitrose Kitchen’, the […]

Things to do with Garden Eggs

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 23, 2013
The long-promised round up of garden egg posts. Delayed by a serious bout of the ‘flu which kept me off work, off play and unable to present the compilation when I planned. I’m still a bit weak. Only a few more additions to the pickles, and chutneys and sauces. I ‘made’ a new chutney from […]

The Vibrant: Garden Eggs with Crushed Peanuts, Red Chilies & Cilantro

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 15, 2013
This recipe takes me back to where it all began – Nigeria. Where garden eggs are eaten as a snack, with a spicy peanut butter dip. In this recipe, the garden egg is sliced and garnished with grilled spring onions and red chilies, for colour. It is sprinkled with a dry peanut ‘crunch’ and drizzled […]

The Easy: Quick Pickled Garden Egg Slices

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 14, 2013
In this recipe, the spongy character of garden eggs are extolled. Its interesting that garden eggs take very well to pickling. The vinegar and spices add another dimension to a fruit that makes it suitable for a myriad of things – eating on its own, layered in a sandwich or chopped up into a salad. […]

The Experimental: Nigerian Garden Egg Chutney

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 13, 2013
This recipe makes the bitterness of garden eggs shine through. The green garden eggs are more bitter than their white counterparts. Either way, the sugar and spice work extremely well to create a balanced ‘condiment’ that tastes Africa, smells Indian, and eats well. In the manner of Thakkali Chutney. Weeks ago, my friend Deepa of […]

The Classic: Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 12, 2013
This recipe extols the creamy virtue of garden eggs. Their ability to form a soft, tasty sauce, redolent with eggplant flavours, imbued with hints of smoke, and delicious with plain, boiled vegetables like potatoes, yams and plantains. Discovering the delicacy that’s garden egg sauce in Nigeria. This is the start of an exploration. Starting where […]

Nigeria’s Rainy Season Produce: September & Garden Eggs

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 11, 2013
In season, in season, garden eggs are in season. Truth be told they’ve been in season for a month or so now. Wheel-barrowed boys and men push these out-of-hand eggs around the city. Parking at office gates, awaiting the gong of closing time for sales to peak. Or outside school gates, though I doubt this […]

Green White Green: Happy 53rd Independence Day, Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 1, 2013
Another October 1st. Another day to sit back and think. This October 1st, this Independence Day, I am thinking a few things. Reinventing Hope Where it not for Timi of Lively Twist, I would be moaning about my country. Instead I’m thinking of ‘Reinventing Hope‘. She writes ‘ Little hinges swing huge doors.  Change will elude […]