Video: Dutch Niewe Haring, in season and on camera

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 30, 2013
Hollandse Nieuwe Haring. Dutch new herring – of the season. Hollandse Nieuwe is the season’s first herring, which starts appearing at the beginning of June. Only Herring caught between May and July can be called ‘nieuwe‘. Yes, its the season for and of many things, home and abroad. And nowhere in the world is Herring […]

Home again,….in Holland

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 28, 2013
Not a single thing has changed. The office is the same – the carpets are still on the wall. The sandwich shop is now a hub: re-designed with upstairs seating. The coffee shop still serves baby cappuccinos, my delight – milky with only a hint of coffee. I ignore the cakes, delicious as they look. […]

Nigeria’s Wet Season Produce: May/June

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 22, 2013
I can’t call it summer here, for it is always warm in Nigeria and mostly sunny. What I can say is the rains are here. In full force and my frustrations rise to a head about this time. Every year. Apparently, I do not learn. If I did things would be different. For I know […]

Technique: How to Brulee, without Broiler or Blowtorch

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 13, 2013
Are you like me? With a temperamental broiler in your kitchen/oven? The net effect of which is no broiling? Without a blow torch for reasons of border control and air travel rules & regulations? Yet with a deep desire to crack a sugar glass crust? Specifically creme brûlée, restaurant-style…….in your own kitchen. Never has burnt […]