Take 2: Deep Fried Green Beans

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 28, 2013
I like it when this happens, when a regular visit to Food 52 brings up…to my surprise, one of my recipes on the front page! Along with a super gorgeous photo. Thanks Jenny, Mondays rock because of you! X X X[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Take 2: Deep Fried Green Beans – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Blue Plate Special: Fried Catfish & Olive Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 21, 2013
I met Chris at work, shortly after we moved back to Nigeria in 2011.  He had come to Port Harcourt from Lagos, where he worked to give a lecture to our team. We introduced ourselves, and  once we’d figured out our origins, I quizzed him about Pierogis for he is Polish, and he asked me about […]

2013: My New Year’s Resolutions

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2013
My phrase for the year 2013 is ‘Peace in Fulfillment’. I will: Go to church and take my children to church. Get ‘serious’ about food. Really serious. Continue to build on the great things we’ve accomplished as a family on eating balanced diets. Read. Write. Go to bed early. Be comfortable with spontaneity. Continue to trust myself. […]

Fried Prawn Heads

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 12, 2013
When I watched Justin serve up fried fish bones, in ‘The Next Food Network Star’, I cringed. ‘Another one of  those recipes’. Someone was bound to write an open letter to the world about how fried fish bones make you a star. Or how instagram makes you the photographer of the year.  Warner is referring […]

Popcorn Cake: The All-Round Party Favourite

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 7, 2013
Neighbours. They’re the angels next door – not quite family, mostly friends and altogether special people, without wings. The ones God uses to teach us,  to give us salt and sugar when we run out, to learn new dishes and how to hold a pencil correctly, share stories, talk about life and growing children, about […]

Our Gingerbread House – Breaking into 2013

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 5, 2013
‘Make a gingerbread house. In February. Or at Easter. Whatever happens, before Christmas 2012!’ Well, we didn’t make it before Christmas 2012, but we certainly did it before January the first, 2013. I think it crowned the year for my entire family – as in husband, myself and the children as we built the gingerbread house from […]

Twelve (12) Dishes For a (New Year’s Day) Brunch

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 2, 2013
…And a few more. Happy New Year (English). Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar (Dutch). Bonne année (French). Have a wonderful ones dear friends. I hope 2013 brings us closer, forges new relationships and sees us fulfilled. I’m drawing up my resolutions, which must include partying. As in hosting more parties, and get-togethers with families and friends. And so […]