Preparing for Christmas: Nigerian Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 24, 2012
Nigerian salad. An oxymoron. One I think about, sitting in the lounge and waiting for the boarding announcement for I am well and truly on my way home. Home to Nigeria. To my husband, and children and the December heat. To a Christmas feast, of gifts and presents and maybe even food, which may not be […]

Preparing for Christmas: Nigerian ‘Stir-Fried’ Jollof Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 19, 2012
Here’s an update on a Nigerian classic: Stir-fried Jollof rice. And this isn’t to buck tradition – this is about how travel shapes who we are, opens up our eyes to new possibilities and redefines our boundaries. For Nigerian Jollof is typically ‘stewed’, not stir-fried or oven-baked. Right now, Nigerians the world over are planning […]

Filipino Fruit Salad: Virtue in a Can

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 17, 2012
I know, tinned foods aren’t virtuous, especially from ‘self-proclaimed’ foodies. Mind you, that’s not me talking, that’s the ‘Voice of the world’. Because I know better. I know that virtue can be earned in a myriad of ways: fresh, frozen and canned. Like everything else, they have their time and place, their season.

Feasting at Norma’s Table

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 16, 2012
At Norma’s Mesa, there is love and friendship and absolutely gorgeous food at Norma’s table. At Norma’s table, the lights of Manhattan twinkle and twinkle, stunning guests, at Norma’s table. At Norma’s table, there’s laughter, lots and lots of it. There’s wit too, the reason for the laughter, at Norma’s Mesa. —–00000—– I burst out laughing, […]

Thrifty in New York: Housing Works

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 15, 2012
Its been years since I went to a Thrift store. OK, only a year or two. I had to redress that and what better place to do it ladies & gentlemen than in the great city of New York? Like I’ve said before, eternal gratitude goes to Anna Hezel of Cup & Hammer, and Food52 for making me cotton […]

See What Heaven Sent….

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 15, 2012
Good evening, America. Looked what heaven sent, right before Christmas.

Lunch At Kalustyan’s

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 13, 2012
I am on the train to Grand Central, refreshed by winter’s air and shine. Heading to Kalustyan’s for Lunch. Its amazing how I’m loving the cold. When we moved away from The Netherlands, my husband and I agreed there would be no more winter holidays, no snow, no ice….no freezing cold. At least for the next […]

Cucumber Fried Eggs

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 12, 2012
Meet Cucumber, the fruit and the vegetable. At least in Nigeria, it is. On the right fork where Old Aba road meets the Aba expressway in my city of Port Harcourt, women sit on wooden stools and chairs, selling wares. These squat seats, close to the ground keeps them close to their planks full of cucumber […]

The Best Fruitcake in New York, Obviously

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 11, 2012
New York. Fruitcake. Me. I’m in New York. Again. I arrived via Paris a few days ago. Via Paris because if you had a choice to transit through a European city, you too would choose Paris over Frankfurt. Even over Amsterdam. Just for some great, if rubbery airplane bread. And wonderful cheeses. And Fromage Frais. […]