Bucket List #57: Make/Bake/Ice a cake with Fondant

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 25, 2012
It was way down my list at 57, fondant. For very obvious reasons. Hard to make. For professionals only. Beautiful to look at (impossible for some home cooks…and on and on and on). But in the dead of that Friday night, I imagined I was Buddy, The ‘Cake Boss’, working in a small kitchen in Hoboken, […]

Reasons to Believe: All things Creme Fraiche, Mascarpone and Ricotta

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 21, 2012
Domestic goddess that I am. I’m in red raffia heels. OK….wedges. I feel like Nigella. Creme Fraiche on the go, 2 fruit cakes in the making (last Christmas’s success), this time the recipe is adjusted to include some Maltina and pureed lemon sugar. Its the creme fraiche that I’d like to start off with. Thankfully, […]

Chocolate Dump-it All Cake a la Hesser

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 17, 2012
Normal. Is not a word I’d use to describe me. Myself. Is that bad English? I am intrigued by butter. Sticks of butter. The allure of reading American recipes that call for a ‘stick of butter’ hasn’t worn off……and I can count January the 8th as one of my best days in the history of […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: (Celebrating) Love In The Time of Fat

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 12, 2012
Saint Francis And The Sow  The bud  stands for all things,  even for those things that don’t flower,  for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing;    though sometimes it is necessary  to reteach a thing its loveliness,    to put a hand on its brow  of the flower  and retell it in words and in […]

Cook Naija: Plantain Salad Imoyo

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 8, 2012
National  pride. Patriotism. What you might call it. There was a certain feeling of absolute ownership and total knowledge I had about my country, Nigeria – its people, its culture, its habitat…and especially its food. Surprise, surprise..for it turns out ladies and gentlemen, that my knowledge of Naija, while authentic is not as all-encompassing as […]

Spiced Apple Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 4, 2012
Out with the old, in with the new. Ditch the cinnamon sticks and sweet fragrance of warm spice. Replace it with heat and heart. Crisscross apple sauce….you’ll have no regrets.