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Twelve (12) Resolutions for 2012

by on January 8, 2012

Drawing on the sand

Updated 12th Februrary, 2012

Thanks for your suggestions, I’ve finally updated #12. X X X

  1. Treat myself with true & honest kindness – including the occasional manicure and pedicure. And also continue to swim, run, sleep and most of all eat right. Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth has shown me why this is important.
  2. Travel. See Nigeria and Africa (Gabon. Cameroun, Sierra Leone and The Gambia are top on my list) and if possible add a trip to New York. It’s also part of #1.
  3. Write two books. One book on Nigerian cuisine which I would love to be crowd-sourced from the ‘Cook Naija’ monthly get together I’ll ‘launch’ soon. The other book is a toss between a cookbook and a photo book of Africa. Time will tell which.
  4. Create a portfolio/start an image gallery for my photographs (if you know how to go about this with some ease, please let me know!)
  5. Be more respectful of people, especially my children. Half of the world’s problems as I see it are based on a fundamental lack of human respect. I will not knowingly contribute to this.
  6. Sew.
  7. Paint. In watercolours.
  8. Make a gingerbread house. In February. Or at Easter. Whatever happens, before Christmas 2012!
  9. Finish my writing course….which I began in 2010…..
  10. Read. Everything that catches my fancy. Road signs, patterned toilet paper. News. The Real Simple Magazine. Books. African authors. You.
  11. Do something for less-fortunate women. Have a bake sale. Organise an event. But do something. To help women somewhere.
  12. Embrace the unexpected, be married to amazement and take it easy

Are you one for resolutions? Any of your own to share? Excitedly waiting.


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