The Anatomy of an Artichoke

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 31, 2012
Note: The exploration for this post was done in 2011 while I lived  in The Netherlands. Artichokes haven’t appeared in any store aisles in Nigeria (that I’ve come across anyway….). I am sharing it because I unearthed some ‘gems’  in the process. I hope you enjoy reading it. —–♥♥♥♥♥—– None of my memories, sleeping or […]

Reasons To Believe – Locally Grown Strawberries in Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 27, 2012
When we returned home last August, my older sister told me about strawberry season in Nigeria – January/winter to you in some parts of the world. I was convinced it was a joke. Till last Friday when I held a pack in hand.

Pumpkin Maple Oat Rolls

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 23, 2012
Healthy 6am weekday conversations in our home are rare. As I guess they are in most households with children of any sort: pre-teen and post teens! Usually, moaning and grumbling tend to dampen the chit-chat of the blue tits and red robins; and even the cocks crowing-a dawn. The kids channel crackles with dragging feet […]

A Short History of Ghanaian Food

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 19, 2012
As told by me. And in alphabetical order. And yes, 11 days in a country makes me an expert. Of sorts. Local names are written in italics and I’ve done my best to share the correct pronunciations. Where available, I’ve included photographs – enjoy!

Twelve (12) Resolutions for 2012

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 8, 2012
Updated 12th Februrary, 2012 Thanks for your suggestions, I’ve finally updated #12. X X X Treat myself with true & honest kindness – including the occasional manicure and pedicure. And also continue to swim, run, sleep and most of all eat right. Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth has shown me why this is […]