7 Links: The Most Beautiful, Helpful and ‘Downright’ Controversial!

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 29, 2011
The first ‘7 links’ I read was Lyndsey’s of The Tiny Skillet a few weeks ago and I loved it. It made so much sense to trawl through the blog archives and select 7 posts for 7 different reasons. And so when Steve, the ‘Oui Chef’ tagged me I was thrilled – finally it gave […]

Raymond Blanc’s Tomato Essence (Only Partly Daring Cooks)

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 18, 2011
We fell into bed just after 8pm in Bedroom 2 of our transit house, exhausted by the day’s events. While the day was not dotted with drama, it had been a long one for us all – the first day of school for the three children, and the first time in all the schooling years […]

My Favourite Things – Nigeria and Beyond

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 11, 2011
One man’s goodbye is another one’s hello. This month, my favorite things span two continents, thousands of miles apart,  but places I’ve called home, back to back. I pay tribute… to the discoveries I made in the last hours of our stay in the Netherlands and share some of the things I love about Nigeria. The Bankastraat […]