An Ode to Burrata

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 31, 2011
If fresh buffallo mozarella and provolone cheese jostle for the gold medal of Italian pasta filata (spun paste), then burrata stands without question in platinum position. And worthy of an ode. Burrata, burrata Where art thou, oh burrata On aisles and cold shelves In Italia and beyond You – burrata are found in the best company […]

Welcome to Nigeria with Maltina

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 25, 2011
We’re home – back on Nigerian soil. In the heat (and even with my nasal congestion), we’re in our land. It makes me smile…in disbelief almost. I can’t believe its been so long. My son says ‘Mama, we’re brown people, there are brown people here’. He’s only 4 years old so arguments about being ‘black’ […]

Daring Cooks Go South Indian With A Feast

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 14, 2011
If you are acquainted with Indian food, like I thought I was then consider this question I pose to you today: Is Indian food countriversal (like universal but for countries)? Is it? Well I certainly thought it was. Sipping on a mug of steaming ginger tea and chatting with friend and neighbor I reeled off […]

My Favourite Things – End of Summer Edition

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 5, 2011
Repurposing Kitchen Utensils I love multitasking….and I heart gadgets and utensils than fit that bill. A garlic press shines new light on mincing ginger, a pasta roller that doubles as a pizza base roller, creating consistently thin Italian-style pizza bases – so what if you end up with pizza lenghts as opposed to rounds? Deliciousness cannot be […]