The Best of Summer: Strawberry & Lemon Sorbet

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 30, 2011
There are some recipes that stop you in your tracks and require few words. This is one of them – a ‘genius recipe’ in the new column by Kristen Miglore, senior editor at where weekly, great recipes are unearthed from the worlds cookbooks.This recipe thrilled me to no end because

Simple Desserts: Lemon Possets

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 24, 2011
Strike a pose and fancy yourself English. Do you? Do you? Then say posset. When Macbeth asked for a posset to be prepared for him before going to bed he referred to a curdled milk drink, popular in his time. It was considered a specific remedy for some minor illnesses, such as a cold, and […]

Daring Cooks Fresh Pasta Challenge

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 15, 2011
I couldn’t believe when he gave me the machine…..8 years ago. I had wanted to make my own pasta forever and getting one of the silver, rolling thingies was top of my list in Nigeria, in 2003. So when a friend moving abroad offered me his brand new, unused machine, I snapped it up!

My Favourite Things – ‘Dutch’ Special

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 9, 2011
Holland, my sweet Holland Soon I shall see you no more How is it that time so quickly goes by? And now I return To Nigeria, my beloved Homeland

Happy 4th of July/Celebrate with a Root Beer Float

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 4, 2011
I can’t recall when exactly I learnt or heard of root beer but as I stood by the table, ready to pay for a drink and burger at the annual 4th of July ceremony for ‘Americans in the Hague & environs’, something clicked and I reached for a can, not without asking the guy on […]