A World of Terrines

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 29, 2011
I’ve always wanted to make a terrine so when Penny tooted the International Incident Party horn, I danced to her tune. A year ago, I updated my library with a purchase of Franck Pontais’s book ‘Terrines & Verrines’– one of the few English books (the other mostly in French) on the subject of those two […]

On Being Two/Celebrating With Lobster

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 23, 2011
Two, Thank God not the ‘Terrible twos’ Cause I’m not a toddler. And I think in this world of blogging Two is definitely adulthood. Two The number of times I’ve had lobster One – how many times I’ve cooked it And so Kitchen Butterfly is two. To celebrate, we’re having lobster cake. Only joking…… We’re […]

Indian-spiced Potato Salad with the Daring Cooks

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 15, 2011
This post is dedicated to my friend Renu, who passed away in February 2011. She taught me how to make the most delicious coriander chutney two years ago and my life has never been the same.

My Favourite Things – Spotlight On Me!

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 5, 2011
This month, my favourite things revolve around special people. My special people. And people who make me feel special. People who cause you to see yourself as you ought to be….or aspire to be. So read on and enjoy…