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Mini Banoffee Pies with Cadbury’s Mini Caramel Eggs

by on April 1, 2010

Did I mention they were Upside down! The pies?


Lovingly made from delicious mini chocolate caramel eggs, from Gatwick airport. Purchased on our way to Barbados and hidden till our return, even though I know the kids may not have liked them but better safe than sorry!

IMG_1411I have had a hectic week and have literally had no time to sit at the computer.

It’s a bit scary ’cause I wonder if this is the start of losing my Mojo! Anyway, there’s no reason to get worked up over nothing. I keep playing scenes over and over in my head….

…images of aquamarine;

IMG_0586And sips of fresh coconut water. You so don’t want to know how I got to try this….

IMG_9805But I’ll tell you anyway. While I’ve drunk coconut water many a time, I’ve never had the liquid of the young and fresh fruit. On my to-do list before we went to Barbados was…’drink coconut water’.

It was the morning of Day 3, after a short cooking class (I’ll tell you all about that another day) and we sat by the beach, watching human traffic going by. We watched a few couples strolling by and shedding off their minimal clothing…..for a refreshing midday dip in the sea, before continuing their journey. It was then I spotted a lady with the coconut. I ran up to her to ask where she’d bought it but it was a long way….away! And then she offered it to me and though my mom’s voice played in my head ‘don’t accept gifts from strangers’, I shook it off, for it was the voice of my youth!

IMG_9245I thanked her, the nice Canadian lady and off we went, our separate ways.

Shortly after, we headed back to our hotel and guess what we came across?  A well-advertised coconut stall.

IMG_9426Complete with Machete and all. I enjoyed another one.

IMG_9428 IMG_9443 IMG_9430

I promise, the next post will be on Barbados….for you. I’ll tell you what we ate and drank, what we (hubby and I) thought of Bajan cooking and some hot tips for a ‘budget’ holiday!


So onto today’s recipe, my upside down banoffee pie. No relationship whatsoever to Barbados but don’t worry, it is delicious enough to inspire forgiveness, along with the lovely fragrance of springs first blooms.


My friend M, sent me a banana cheesecake recipe, which I haven’t tried yet but because I’d read the recipe the day before, I decided to make a bananey dessert.

IMG_1395And upside down because the chocolate caramel is on top and the banana cream is at the base, contrary to the original banoffee recipe. It didn’t affect the taste one bit!

Super simple to make and super quick to eat. Too tiny to sit and savour though!

Also perfect with coffee. Or tea.

This is a super easy, free-form recipe.

I made a base, using crushed ginger nut cookies digestive biscuits. I used 2 cookies, which filled 4 petit four moulds.


To these, I stirred in a teaspoon of unmelted butter. You can mix in melted butter as some do (especially if you’re going the ‘chilled’ route.

Once this is done, press into moulds and chill – for a super crisp base, or bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 5-8 minutes till lightly coloured for a softer shell.

I did the later and will chill next time, even though it was nice for I’m a crunch girl!

While the shells are in the refrigerator/out of the oven,make the banana cream by mashing 1/-3 – 1/2 of a medium banana and 1 teaspoon of cream fraiche. The mixture will be a thick creamy one.

To make the chocolate caramel, place 4 mini chocolate caramel eggs and 1 tablespoon of creme fraiche in a bain marie. Once melted, combine well with a whisk.

IMG_1540 IMG_1417IMG_1441 IMG_1512

You can assemble this pie the right way by filling the shell with some chocolate-caramel, topping with bananas and finishing off with cream. I don’t have a photo of that, seeing as I inverted mine.

I filled the shell with the banana cream,  topped it with the chocolate caramel mix and popped them in the refrigerator. Then the kids and I rushed to a Rommelmarkt ( a flea market). It was almost 3 pm. When we got there, they were wrapping up but I managed to get some stunning wooden bowls and a small tray, along with some lovely cups and saucers.

IMG_1402 IMG_1409

Though the photos with the daffodils may look pretty…..please, please, please note that daffodils are NOT edible.


This was a spring celebration for me! The mini pies were dleicious. Creamy banana, chocolatey – caramel topping.., all encased in a rather soft shell. You could pop one right after another.


And to close, here is a photo of my ‘first’ tulip of 2010. I say mine…but it is not from my garden!


Have a great Easter vacation, especially if you’ve been on a fast! Barbados next – promise. Lots of love.

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